Our automotive engines includes brands like Ford, Chevrolet, General Motors, Nissan, Audi, Toyota, Dodge, Chrysler and More.


Just like any remanufacture engine produced by us, all internal parts are brand new, and includes updated parts like the tensioner for the Chrysler or the VVT's for the Ford 24 V Engines, The High Pressure Oil Pumps for the Chevy/GM engines and improved gaskets. Some engines include also a brand new water pump.


New Internals Include for example:


Piston Rings

Main Bearings

Rod Bearings

Cam Bearings



Brass Freeze Plugs

Timing Components

Oil Pump

Pickup Screen

Full Automotive Gasket Set

Timing Cover (Some Vortec Engines Only)




The typical machining job includes overnight oven cleaning, chemical wash, magnaflux, boring & honing of cylinders, crankshaft resurfacing, paint & assembly. Same goes for the cylinder heads which they also get resurfacing by one of our computerized CBN Machines.


All our engines are inspected before they leave the shop to ensure you will have a smooth installation.

Images 181cid marine engine Images 181cid marine engine DODGE/CHRYSLER 5.7L V8 HEMI FORD 5.4L V8 24 VALVES Images 181cid marine engine Images 181cid marine engine